say IT with a post-IT

I can’t begin to explain how horrible those last few days with your S.O. can be when you’re in a LDR. Knowing you will be apart is torture. I wanted to do something for him that would put a smile on his face every day while I was gone. I wrote a cute little something on Post-It stickies for everyday I would be gone (16 total). Then I hid them in different locations in his room and his car. Each day I revealed the location of a different sticky. It was an LDR version of  Hide-n-Seek.

I wrote short poems, quotes, inside jokes, really anything that I knew would make him smile.I had to make sure I hid them really well so he wouldn’t accidentally find them. Here are a couple locations I used:

  • Inside the remote control (where the batteries are placed)
  • Random page of his favorite book
  • Inside favorite movie box
  • Behind the tv
  • Inbetween the mattresses
  • Undernaeth his Xbox thingy
  • Undeneath a trophy
  • Behind his favorite hat
  • In his backpack
  • Inside a drawer
  • In pocket of sweater/pants
  • Undernath the desk chair
  • Inside phone case
  • Car mirror visor
  • Inside shoe

*Sorry for the poor picture quality. I was rushing to finish hiding them before he came home from work. He almost caught me hiding them because he came home early!

You could make it harder by hiding them around the house, but be weary of other family members or roommates finding them. That’s why I decided to stick to his room and car. You also have to make sure to cover the Post-it with something so that they are not in plain sight.

I think he really enjoyed finding one each day. And I know it helped him feel better that hour after he dropped me off at the airport. So next time you’re with your sweetheart try leaving them a surprise to comfort them after you leave.

You can also write a letter instead of a million sticky notes which is what he did for me one time. It was after the last time we were going to see each other Spring semester. He dropped me off at the airport and I was on my way back to Berkeley.  When I got home I started unpacking when I found this paper in my luggage:


Don’t be fooled, it might seem like a simple letter, written on ruled paper, but its contents are extraordinary.  I almost mistook it for notes and threw it away. But for some reason I decided to open it and double check before tossing it out. I’m so glad I didn’t because it was one of the sweetest love letter I have ever read. It was so nice to find a comforting letter ❤ That was super thoughtful of him to think of me and how I would feel after I left. Best surprise ever!


3 thoughts on “say IT with a post-IT

  1. Love how sweet you two are to each other and the idea of the leaving notes for each day. So creative! I always sneaks treats for the plane ride and a letter into my mans carry-on. Although I hope I’ll always have time to do it as he expects it now haha. One time he left a note under my pillow. Was so sweet I got home from the airport all sad laid on my bed and heard a crinkling under my pillow :p. I also left him a sticky-note love note under the toilet seat on his last visit.

    • I feel like we would get along haha we are very alike, kinda like LDR BFFs haha. I’m definitely going to steal some of those ideas! Awww that was very sweet of him! His plane ride isn’t as long as yours but treats are still a good idea! Well hopefully you won’t have to do them for much longer because you’ll close the distance!

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