Love Struck

I’ll admit, Valentine’s day can be a cheesy-Hallmark-holiday. Flowers and candy are ridiculously overpriced during this season and getting reservations at nice restaurants is a nightmare. People should show their affection and love towards one another every day of the year.  However, Valentine’s day is a reminder for everyone to show their significant others how much they are loved. It doesn’t have to be about the money or buying a huge teddy bear. Make your own card, make your own chocolate covered strawberries and show your love in your own special way.

Valentine’s Day 2013

Unfortunately, on our first Valentine’s Day together we spent it 500 miles apart. However, he still made me feel special. He sent me my absolutely favorite chocolate in the world, Ghirardelli milk chocolate with caramel filling, a love letter, AND a single red rose. It wasn’t a real rose, it was an artificial one. In the love letter he wrote:



My love for you will end when this rose withers and its petals fall off and after that for another thousand years.

In other words, he was telling me his love for me would be eternal. I though that was the most romantic thing in the world! It was without a doubt the best valentine’s day present ever. Even though we couldn’t spend the day together, I still felt loved. Luckily, we spent the weekend after with each other. He came to visit me and this is the surprise I had for him waiting in my dorm. The very first picture we ever took together framed, homemade chocolate covered strawberries, and hershey kisses in the shape of the number six in honor of our 6 month anniversary.

Valentine’s Day 2014

IMG_4053I decided to continue with the tradition of giving him a framed picture of us. I had this frame custom made on Etsy. I flew down for the weekend since it was a 3-day weekend (President’s Day holiday). Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to print a picture. But as fate would have it, that night when we had dinner at Benihanas they were taking pictures! The picture they gave us is a little too big so I have to crop it to make it fit.

Valentine’s Day 2015

This past Valentine’s day was amazing for two reasons. First, I was fortunate enough to be able to fly down for the 3-day weekend and spend it with Aaron. We had an amazing time together. We ate dinner at P.F. Chang’s, drank delicious wine, had dessert with chai lattes and he got me flowers! He is the best! Honestly, my favorite part was just taking to each other about post-graduation plans. I really miss him so much when we are apart. But what gets us through is knowing that the distance ends in May! No more LDR for us! I wanted to get him another frame but got super busy up with school. Hopefully I can find one and put a picture of us from this year. I gave him my heart; lol literally and a heart-shaped box with heart chocolates, a heart bookmark, and a tiny knitted heart. 


Secondly, I was able to meet my sisters newborn baby! He was born the day after I left San Diego to start my last semester! I had to wait three weeks to meet baby Leo! He is so cute and is honestly the best behaved baby ever! I love him so much! Can’t wait to spend more time with him once I move back home! How cute is he! This baby cupid definitely made me fall in love. 



2 thoughts on “Love Struck

  1. Sounds like three lovely valentines days 🙂 Love the photo frame you had made! On Valentines Day this year I DIY’d some nautical/long-distance themed ones that I can’t wait to hang in our room. The chocolates and rose were also super thoughtful. So excited we’re both closing the distance in the spring!

    • Yes I saw those! Super cute! I love nautical themes stuff! I know I’m counting down the days! So happy for you two! Moving to London sounds amazing! I hope I get the chance to visit London someday!

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