Birthday Blues

Being in an LDR is difficult on a regular day, but it is even harder on special occasions. Out of 3 birthdays that we have been together, my boyfriend has only spent one with me and I one with him. My birthday always falls around finals so we can’t spend it together; and his is near spring break, but our spring breaks were during different weeks.

This last round of birthdays was bittersweet because on the one hand it’s sad that we aren’t together on our most special day of the year, but on the other hand, it’s good that this is the last birthday we will spend apart.

I wanted to do an April Fool’s prank since his birthday is on April 1st but then he said it was going to be a sad birthday. So I dedicated myself to cheering him up instead of pranking him.

I remembered a few months ago he mentioned he wanted an ice cream cake so I enlisted his sister to pick up the cake on his birthday.

*LDR Tip: Make friends with his parents/siblings/friends! They can be accomplices when you are planning surprises! His sister, Ivonne, always helps me out!


I bought him a vanilla cake with cookies ‘n cream ice cream cake from Baskin Robins.  It was a big hit with his family!


Then, a special package arrived in the mail! I got him an iHome because he needed an alarm clock (he is often late to work). Lol. It was a practical gift.


I asked him if the cake and the present made him happy, and he said yes, but it kind of made him miss me more.


I can’t wait to plan birthday parties and surprises once we live together!


Love Is The Best Medicine

There is nothing worse than not being able to be there for your partner when they need you, like when they are sick. It feels even crappier when you are the one that got them sick then had to leave. Which happened to me one time; I got sick on our trip to Disneyland, and by the time I had to leave for school, he had gotten sick.

I felt guilty and I wished I could’ve been there to take care of him since it was my fault he got sick in the first place. So I thought a care package was the next best thing. This is an all-inclusive-guarenteed-to-make-you-feel-better-asap “Get-Well Soon” care package.


Here are essential items to include:

  • Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Airborne or Emergen -C
  • Chapstick or Carmex
  • Box of tissues
  • Pocket-sized tissue packets (to blow your nose on the go)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mug
  • Halls
  • Tea
  • Honey (mixed with hot water and a lemon soothes the throat)
  • Pleated face mask (this one is kinda more of a joke, but hey it can help prevent the spread of germs)

I should’ve have made a cute card to go along with it but I ended up writing a short note instead. After all, it’s the thought that counts and he loved the package. You should have one of these ready to ship so that as soon as your S.O. starts feeling sick, you can ship it and it will get there by the time their cold is in full gear.

What would you add to a “Get Well Soon” care package for your S.O.?

Love Struck

I’ll admit, Valentine’s day can be a cheesy-Hallmark-holiday. Flowers and candy are ridiculously overpriced during this season and getting reservations at nice restaurants is a nightmare. People should show their affection and love towards one another every day of the year.  However, Valentine’s day is a reminder for everyone to show their significant others how much they are loved. It doesn’t have to be about the money or buying a huge teddy bear. Make your own card, make your own chocolate covered strawberries and show your love in your own special way.

Valentine’s Day 2013

Unfortunately, on our first Valentine’s Day together we spent it 500 miles apart. However, he still made me feel special. He sent me my absolutely favorite chocolate in the world, Ghirardelli milk chocolate with caramel filling, a love letter, AND a single red rose. It wasn’t a real rose, it was an artificial one. In the love letter he wrote:



My love for you will end when this rose withers and its petals fall off and after that for another thousand years.

In other words, he was telling me his love for me would be eternal. I though that was the most romantic thing in the world! It was without a doubt the best valentine’s day present ever. Even though we couldn’t spend the day together, I still felt loved. Luckily, we spent the weekend after with each other. He came to visit me and this is the surprise I had for him waiting in my dorm. The very first picture we ever took together framed, homemade chocolate covered strawberries, and hershey kisses in the shape of the number six in honor of our 6 month anniversary.

Valentine’s Day 2014

IMG_4053I decided to continue with the tradition of giving him a framed picture of us. I had this frame custom made on Etsy. I flew down for the weekend since it was a 3-day weekend (President’s Day holiday). Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to print a picture. But as fate would have it, that night when we had dinner at Benihanas they were taking pictures! The picture they gave us is a little too big so I have to crop it to make it fit.

Valentine’s Day 2015

This past Valentine’s day was amazing for two reasons. First, I was fortunate enough to be able to fly down for the 3-day weekend and spend it with Aaron. We had an amazing time together. We ate dinner at P.F. Chang’s, drank delicious wine, had dessert with chai lattes and he got me flowers! He is the best! Honestly, my favorite part was just taking to each other about post-graduation plans. I really miss him so much when we are apart. But what gets us through is knowing that the distance ends in May! No more LDR for us! I wanted to get him another frame but got super busy up with school. Hopefully I can find one and put a picture of us from this year. I gave him my heart; lol literally and a heart-shaped box with heart chocolates, a heart bookmark, and a tiny knitted heart. 


Secondly, I was able to meet my sisters newborn baby! He was born the day after I left San Diego to start my last semester! I had to wait three weeks to meet baby Leo! He is so cute and is honestly the best behaved baby ever! I love him so much! Can’t wait to spend more time with him once I move back home! How cute is he! This baby cupid definitely made me fall in love. 


One Day Closer

LDRs are extremely difficult but what gets most people through it (other than being in love) is that it is a TEMPORARY situation. Knowing the date when the distance ends helps so much. For us, that date comes at the end of May of this year after my college graduation!

I am always counting down the days until I see my boyfriend again, I even have an app on my phone called “Dream Days” that does it for me! 18 more days!

I’ve done countdown-themed gifts in the past, like the “A Kiss for Every Day We Spend Apart” post. So when I saw this shirt I loved it!


I found this cute little Etsy shop “At Ease Design” which caters to a military crowd. Since military relationships are LDRs some of their items fits perfectly for regular LDRs. This “One Day Closer” tank was $27 which is kind of pricy for a basic tank top but that’s the price I pay for being lazy and not making my own!

This is now one of my favorite shirts because it reminds me I am one day closer to seeing Aaron and one day closer to ending the distance!

I’d love to see any LDR shirts anyone has!

LDR Humor

Long-Distance Relationships are serious work, but here are a few silly LDR jokes that will hopefully put a smile on your face!


This reminded me of the movie “Dear John” when he tells her “No matter where you are in the world, the moon is never bigger than your thumb”. LOL.

IMG_4392Life doesn’t stop while you’re apart, but everyone counts down the days until they are reunited with their LDR sweetheart.

IMG_4952This is my favorite!!! I saw it online and decided to try it on Aaron. I’m not sure whether this was meant to be a LDR  joke, but it resonated with me. It is a cruel and unusual punishment to live without your soul mate. But all LDR’s have an end, and if you’re lucky it ends with you living together forever.

Here are a few more for your entertainment!






Have any LDR jokes to share???

I’m Thankful for…

Even though Thanksgiving was two days ago, I’m still posting this because today is as good as any day to give thanks.

Thanksgiving might be a controversial holiday given its history, but I like the idea of dedicating a day to remember all that I have to be thankful for.

(I made Aaron a card with this turkey on the front. I was going to go with the “hand turkey” card but I though that would a little too kid-ish. lol)



Here are 10 things in my long-distance relationship that I am thankful for:

  1. Having met you
  2. That we decided to give our relationship a chance and try long-distance (because although the distance has been difficult, it has made me love and appreciate you more)
  3. Only being 495 miles away (it’s better than 496 miles)
  4. Being in the same time zone (because we don’t have that added obstacle in our relationship)
  5. Not having a large body of water/ocean in between us
  6. That we are able to drive to each other in case of an emergency
  7. That we are privileged enough to see each other at least once a month
  8. That we live in the same state/country
  9. That we are able to communicate (text) with each other all day
  10. That I was able to spend Thanksgiving with you ❤

What about your LDR are you thankful for?

Tell Me About It, Stud.


Stud muffin that is, lol. The movie “Grease” has nothing to do with this post other than the card make me think of this scene at the end of the movie. IMG_5251During my free time I like to browse Etsy for ideas. When looking for cute cards I found this one! I don’t usually call Aaron my “stud muffin” but it sounds cute!

IMG_5252Of course I made the card myself. I traced the muffin and colored it with color pencils. I didn’t have time to make the muffin myself so I bought one instead. I tried to look for the pre-package kind since I thought it would last longer but couldn’t find one. Besides, with USPS express mail, it only takes two days to get to San Diego from Berkeley.

IMG_5254BTW, I think “Sandy and Danny” would make a cute couples costume for Halloween! Hopefully one year we can dress up as them!