Big Gifts

Here are a few gift ideas to send you LDR sweetheart. The gifts on this page are intended for extra special occasions such as monthaversaries.

“Pizza My Heart”

The way to their heart is through their stomach! Send your S.O. their favorite pizza from wherever you are!1381768_205410449631361_1473950258_n-2


“Quiero Un Dulce Beso”

Give the “wine” your with a sweet kiss with this delicious dessert wine!IMG_3953


“Just Add a Spoonful Of Love”

Share some ice cream together with these adorable spoons!photo 4


“Pillow Talk”

Give your S.O. a pillow to snuggle with at night while reminding them when your anniversary is!IMG_2944


“College Love”
Swap school sweaters with your S.O. to rep each others schools!College Love


“Love is What Last Cookie Is For”

Send your love a GIANT cookie!IMG_0542


“Flowers Mean I Love You”

Tell your S.O. you love them with some flowers! IMG_1728


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