Birthday Blues

Being in an LDR is difficult on a regular day, but it is even harder on special occasions. Out of 3 birthdays that we have been together, my boyfriend has only spent one with me and I one with him. My birthday always falls around finals so we can’t spend it together; and his is near spring break, but our spring breaks were during different weeks.

This last round of birthdays was bittersweet because on the one hand it’s sad that we aren’t together on our most special day of the year, but on the other hand, it’s good that this is the last birthday we will spend apart.

I wanted to do an April Fool’s prank since his birthday is on April 1st but then he said it was going to be a sad birthday. So I dedicated myself to cheering him up instead of pranking him.

I remembered a few months ago he mentioned he wanted an ice cream cake so I enlisted his sister to pick up the cake on his birthday.

*LDR Tip: Make friends with his parents/siblings/friends! They can be accomplices when you are planning surprises! His sister, Ivonne, always helps me out!


I bought him a vanilla cake with cookies ‘n cream ice cream cake from Baskin Robins.  It was a big hit with his family!


Then, a special package arrived in the mail! I got him an iHome because he needed an alarm clock (he is often late to work). Lol. It was a practical gift.


I asked him if the cake and the present made him happy, and he said yes, but it kind of made him miss me more.


I can’t wait to plan birthday parties and surprises once we live together!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Blues

  1. I was so excited that we’d be together for my birthday this year (May 5th), but the move date has been pushed back til June :p ugg.

    That cake looks delicious! So sweet of you to do that 🙂 He looks very happy!

    I had to say goodbye to my man just now; he came here for the long weekend. It’s always hard but I know soon there will be no more goodbyes for me and him and you and your man. We can do it! We’re almost there 🙂

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear about the date being pushed back. I was meaning to ask you how the move went since you said April. Yes I am counting down the days until my graduation which will be when we close the distance!

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