Liiiiitle Gifts

Here are a few gift ideas to send to your LDR love. The gifts on this page are simple and inexpensive so that you can save your money for some flight tickets 😉

“You’re the Only Fish in the Sea for Me”

Send your S.O. some candy along with a card telling them what a great “catch” they are! There may be many fish in the sea but they are a super special one!

“Sweeter As the Days Go By”

Remind your LDR lover that each day that goes by is a little sweeter because you are one day closer to being reunited!


“Nerd Love”

Give your S.O. some encouragement at school while also to reminding them to send you a love letter!


“A Kiss for Every Day We Spend Apart”

Give your S.O. a kiss everyday even though you aren’t together with this sweet gift.
photo 2

“Love Knows No Distance”

Give your S.O. a keychain as a daily reminder that your love for each other knows no distance.



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