One Day Closer

LDRs are extremely difficult but what gets most people through it (other than being in love) is that it is a TEMPORARY situation. Knowing the date when the distance ends helps so much. For us, that date comes at the end of May of this year after my college graduation!

I am always counting down the days until I see my boyfriend again, I even have an app on my phone called “Dream Days” that does it for me! 18 more days!

I’ve done countdown-themed gifts in the past, like the “A Kiss for Every Day We Spend Apart” post. So when I saw this shirt I loved it!


I found this cute little Etsy shop “At Ease Design” which caters to a military crowd. Since military relationships are LDRs some of their items fits perfectly for regular LDRs. This “One Day Closer” tank was $27 which is kind of pricy for a basic tank top but that’s the price I pay for being lazy and not making my own!

This is now one of my favorite shirts because it reminds me I am one day closer to seeing Aaron and one day closer to ending the distance!

I’d love to see any LDR shirts anyone has!


Tell Me What You Think <3

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