52 Things I Love About You


This is a deck of cards (52 cards) that hold 52 reasons why I love my S.O. We are not much of a card players, but this idea was too cute to pass up. I saw this site on Pinterest called Instructables.com that had directions on how to make these.

These are the supplies you need:

  • Deck of cards
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Binder rings or ribbon
  • Template for the cards (use the one on the instructables page)
  • Double sided tape

(The instructions call for glue but there are a few reasons why tape is better. 1) When the glue dries, it bends the cards.  2) The glue doesn’t hold well and the paper falls of the cards. The double-sided tape holds much better.)

The cost of all these supplies isn’t much; you can find all these items at the Dollar Tree. However, it does take time to cut out the cards and overall to complete the project.


After you gather all the supplies you have to start brainstorming the 52 reasons you love your partner. At first it’s intimidating having to come up with 52 reasons. But trust me, once the ball starts rolling, you’re going to have more than 52 reasons and you’re going to have to choose your top 52. The instructables site even gives you links to lists of reasons other people have made, but some of those reasons are generic. And like I said, once you get going, you’re going to think of the most special, genuine, reasons that are particular to your relationship.

Here are a few examples of the reasons why I love my boyfriend:

I didn’t put all the reasons because its personal and its a ‘just me and him’ thing.  The site recommends two options: you can give this to your S.O. all at once on a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. OR my favorite option: you can give one card a week for the next year. I chose the latter option. Aaron chooses a number and each week I mail him a card along with an explanation of why I chose that reason.


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