The summer we started dating, I introduced Aaron to my guy friends. I was so glad they hit it off. They actually became good friends and after I left they still hung out. Particularly my BGF (Best Guy Friend) and my bf. They became best friends and hung out all the time. They kinda formed a Bromance while I was gone.


My BGF’s girlfriend and I decided to solidify their friendship with a gift. We printed our four favorite pictures of them together, bought two frames, and decorated them. We went on a double date and gave them each one of these frames. They were a little embarrassed but they thought it was funny too.

I’ll admit I did get jealous that my BGF got to spend so much time with my bf instead of me. But at the same time I felt fortunate that even though I wasn’t with by bf, a piece of me was. It was like my bf was getting to know me but from a different perspective.

 If possible, introduce your friends to your S.O., especially if they live in the same city. Have your friends get to know your S.O. because it gives your S.O. another way to get to know you. Not only will your bf make friends with your friends but your relationship will get stronger because of it. It’s nice to have mutual friends because it makes it feel like you’re still part of their social life even when you’re not physically there. There is a Spanish saying that goes:

Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres

It means “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. I think there is some truth behind this. You might not do everything your friends do, but you’re friends for a reason so you have a few things in common. Your partner loves you so they are bound to like your friends too. It’s worth giving it a shot, so introduce them and hopefully they’ll have a bromance.


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