Tell Me About It, Stud.


Stud muffin that is, lol. The movie “Grease” has nothing to do with this post other than the card make me think of this scene at the end of the movie. IMG_5251During my free time I like to browse Etsy for ideas. When looking for cute cards I found this one! I don’t usually call Aaron my “stud muffin” but it sounds cute!

IMG_5252Of course I made the card myself. I traced the muffin and colored it with color pencils. I didn’t have time to make the muffin myself so I bought one instead. I tried to look for the pre-package kind since I thought it would last longer but couldn’t find one. Besides, with USPS express mail, it only takes two days to get to San Diego from Berkeley.

IMG_5254BTW, I think “Sandy and Danny” would make a cute couples costume for Halloween! Hopefully one year we can dress up as them!


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