How We Met

I’m not sure that I have told you all how we met. Like in HIMYM, there are a lot of little things that led to us meeting. I’ll try to keep it short, lol.

Back in the summer of 2007, my sisters’ enrolled their kids in swim lessons and thought I should take some classes too since I didn’t know how to swim. So I enrolled and learned to swim. I was not that bad, so the instructors told me to try out for the recreational swim team, and so I did. I made it on to the team and competed a little.

In March 2008, when swim season came around at my high school I decided to try out as well. I made it on the team. Then one day they announced the Aquatics Career Education, a program to train people to be certified lifeguards. I didn’t meet the age requirement(16 years old) but they still let me take the class. I passed the class and became a certified lifeguard. I was still too young to work for the city so I found a lifeguarding job at community pool.

In April of 2009, with some work experience under my belt and now a year older, I went to the hiring hall to be a city lifeguard. I got the job! My first choice was the pool where I learned to swim (Memorial), and my second choice was the pool closest to my high school, Bud Kearns pool (BK). Fortunately, I didn’t get my first choice; I was hired at Bud Kearns.

It was mid-May when I went Memorial pool to tell the Pool Manager the great news when she told me someone from BK pool was working there right now. Then this stud walks in; he had just gotten out of the pool. Then the manager introduced us. As you probably guessed, that stud was Aaron.

Here are pictures of us from the summer we met:


Bud Kearns Pool 2009


Bud Kearns Pool 2009











It was easy…all I had to do was take those swimming lessons, learn how to swim, then join the recreational swim team. Then join my high school swim team and take the lifeguarding certification classes, pass the class and get the job at the community pool to get work experience and get hired at Bud Kearns pool and meet Aaron.

How did you and your sweetheart meet?!


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