Because BFFs Are LDRs Too

When you move away, romantic relationships aren’t the only long-distance relationships you have. This post is dedicated to my Best Friend Forever (BFF), Ana, who sent me the most amazing care package ever! It was minions themed package!!!


You’re One In A Minion Care Package


My BFF is one in a million! Soooo cute!


As if the top wasn’t awesome enough, it was just the icing on the cake! Once I opened it up I found this!


Ana included Honey Maid Minion cookies and Minion gummies!


She added this leopard print mini cards with a pen. I think she will be getting a thank you note in one of these beauties!


My BFF wrote me a wonderful letter in this adorable card with the quote:

There is nothing on this earth to be prized more than true friendship…

-Saint Thomas Aquinas


My Favorite Chocolate!!!

And she even included my favorite Ghirardelli Milk Caramel chocolate! My BFF sure does know me well!

Stay tuned for the care package I’ll be sending her soon!


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