I’m Hooked on You

I’ve been hooked on you since the moment I saw you


I am proud to announce I designed this card myself! I knew the worm and hook would be too plain by itself so I looked at other cards. I was going to add a boat but I thought that would draw too much focus away from the worm and hook. Then, I saw a card that had some seaweed in the background, but I didn’t like that seaweed. So I looked at seaweed clipart. My friend convinced me to color in the background (I regulary ask my friends for advice; I need to give them credit one of these days). I thought the bubbles were a nice touch. I didn’t want to do all the writing cursive nor block letters since I’ve already done that, so I decided to mix it up a little. Yes, I put A LOT of thought into the cards/gifts I send my man. ❤


I added both types of gummy worms, sweet and sour!


I printed a label I found online. I should have made my own because this one was pixilated. I found this cute little pail at Target near the entrance in the $1 section! What a bargain!


 I didn’t want to just send the gummy worms in their original bag. After all, it’s all about presentation, right? I was concerned about the candy worms getting stale if I did take them out of their bag since the pail didn’t have a top. So I bought this clear wrapping paper at a local store. I just used sone string to tie a bow. Balloon ribbon would have been better but I forgot to buy some at the store while I was there :/.I think it came out pretty good though! And all for under $5!


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