At the beginning of our relationship we had this thing we use to do; one person would text “boo!” and the other person would respond with “ahhhh!”. Idk how or why it started but it’s just something we did. Sometimes he would start it, other times I would start it. Here are a couple of my favorite ones!

This is my cute/happy ghost drawing (yes you guessed correctly, I traced it).

photo 1

And this is my favorite response of all! He actually drew this himself (no tracing)! I was soooo amazed and impressed! He did it pretty quick too!


Another time I texted him this adorable ghost:

photo 3

He always had the best comebacks! My second favorite response was when he replied to my “Boo!” with Edvard Munch’s The Scream! Omg I was laughing so hard! I thought that was so clever!


Here are a couple more drawings:


photo 4


I also used a picture of my adorable little nephew as an “ahhhh!” face. Awwww lol

Anyways, this is just something silly we did. It always brought a smile to my face. We also did selfies with scary/scared faces but those are just too embarrassing to post online for the world to see lol. You and your “boo” can come up with your own little symbols and send cute text, pictures, and drawing to each other.


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