100 Days of Summer

100 days is usually how long I’m in San Diego for during summer break. Summer is a particularly important season for my bf and I. It’s the season when we met, when we fell in love, and when we reunite for the longest time during the entire year.

This is a list of the first summer we spent together as a couple in 2012. That summer we didn’t wast time hiding our feelings for each other because we already knew how we felt about each other. So we had more time to do stuff together. We compiled this list of what we wanted to do; it was sort of like our bucket list. Some were simple things and others were more ambitious plans. As you can see things didn’t exactly go as planned. We didn’t cross off some things and we wrote in some stuff along the way. But it was still and AMAZING summer simply because we got to spend it together.


Here is a gallery of photos from that summer ❤

Anyways, this is a good idea if you’re gonna be with your S.O. for a long period of time. You can change it to fit your hometown, maybe a list of movies to see, or simple things to do together. You can also make it like a long-term bucket list instead of a summer-to-do like this one.

I’m happy that there will be no more “100 Days of Summer” for us. No more summer, winter or spring breaks! When May 2015 rolls around, I’ll be done with school and I will move back to San Diego! We will close the distance for good! And fortunately for us summer is year-round in San Diego!

Each summer that we have spent together has been better than the last one and he promised this upcoming summer will be the best because we will finally get to be together for good. ❤


Tell Me What You Think <3

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