Pizza My Heart

It’s true what they say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. And what better food is there than the universally loved pizza?!

It was a day like any other in late September; we were texting, he was at work and I was studying. He told me he was hungry and didn’t eat lunch.  I wished I was back in San Diego so I could drive to his work and drop off lunch for him. Then it clicked! I could have someone else deliver lunch for him! Why had I never thought of this before?! I could’ve asked a friend but that’s a big favor to ask. So then I thought of places near his work that could deliver and Pizza Hut came up.

(BTW it’s handy to know their job address for deliveries. For example, he has sent flowers to my work office! More to come on that story soon).

When the pizza arrived he was so happy! And I was glad that I was able to take care of him even though I was 500 miles away. He posted the picture below on his FB with the caption “A pizza ordered all the way from Berkeley, thanks baby!”. In fact, this is where the inspiration for the name of my blog came from. I like how “all the way from Berkeley” sounded because it almost rhymed. Later I changed it to “all the way from the bay” for my blog.


Anyways, I’ve sent a couple pizzas to his job. He says it’s awkward with the delivery guy since he never expects pizza and he doesn’t carry cash on him so he can’t tip the delivery guy. So if you do this make sure to include the tip to spare your S.O. from an awkward situation with the delivery guy lol.  Sadly I’ve had to stop sending pizza because Pizza Hut has a new policy that the person who ordered it has to be there with the credit card “to prevent fraud”. Whatever.

For Valentine’s I tried to order the pizza with the pepperoni forming a heart; I originally asked if they could make the pizza heart shaped but they said no. I guess I’ll have to make a handmade pizza myself to make it heart shaped with the pepperonis heart shaped too lol! Pizza Hut messed up and they didn’t do it, but I am determined to give him a pizza with the pepperonis in a heart shape! I realized I could also ask them to write something on the box like “I love you – Karina” or for them to draw a heart on it. I should try that next time.


4 thoughts on “Pizza My Heart

  1. I did this too! I use Dominoes they seem to be okay about me ordering from another country 🙂 The first time I did it my boyfriends mom was like “there’s a pizza here for you!” and he was like “I didn’t order pizza!” He almost sent the delivery man away and then it clicked that I must have sent it :p They said they were really confused at first haha.

    I would really love to somehow order a round of drinks for him and his friends one night when they are out but I haven’t managed to be that crafty yet. He’s always so vague when I ask where he’s going: “a bar in Cambridge” well thanks! lol Plus I’d have to ask what he’s wearing then try and call the bar and… well, it won’t be easy lol

    • Lol I would never send back a free pizza!

      Yea my BF isn’t detail oriented either! It’s like pulling teeth! Well if “The Russian” is Sex and the City can do it you can too! That’s a cute idea too! Sounds difficult but I’m sure you will figure it out!

      Lol this is really random but how old are you two? is there an age difference?

      • I love, love, love Sex and the City. I own all the seasons and can almost quote every episode :p I feel like we have a lot in common!

        I’m 23 (keep thinking I’m 22, wahhh! so old hahah) and my man is turning 25 on Thursday! I keep teasing him about being an old man lol. How old are you and your man? 🙂

      • Lol yes we do! I though I was a fan but clearly you’re a bigger fan than I am! Next year when Aaron and I take our trip to New York we will most def be stopping by Carrie’s apartment!

        Oh wow bday coming up soon! Happy early bday to your man! He is 23 and I am 21 (22 in December) 🙂

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