UPDATE: College Love

The very first post I wrote on my blog “College Love” was about a Bear Care Package I sent my S.O. Here are a couple things that went into the package: a bear card, a bear sweater, honey, Teddy Grahams, and Gummy bears. I didn’t include a teddy bear because I had already given him one when we first started dating, you can read about that in my post “I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear” .

At the beginning of summer I added a chocolate bear and a bear hat to his bear care package. I was so excited that I found a bear chocolate! I knew chocolate bears were a thing and I looked everywhere for one, but I couldn’t find one in time for the first package. I eventually found it at Casa de Chocolates here in Berkeley. Then Aaron told me that he wanted a hat with a bear on it so I found him this one.




I love that he loves my school just as much as I do. He enjoys rocking Berkeley gear. So I’ve decided to keep looking for bear themed gifts for him. I think a Berkeley bear shirt is next lol. He might have all this bear gear, but I’ve got the best cuddly bear of all, him. ❤


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