He Made My Birthday Wishes Come True

This is an extra special post because it isn’t about what I’ve done for my boyfriend, but rather what he has done for me ❤

About 2 years ago (December 2012) my 20th birthday was coming up. Not only was this an important milestone for me, the end of my teen years, but it was also an important milestone in our relationship as well. It was the first birthday that we celebrated together as a couple. Weeks before, he kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I just wanted to spend it with him. Aaron made my birthday so incredible for a variety of reasons.

The first amazing thing Aaron did that weekend was fly 500 miles to be with me on my birthday! I was so happy to spend my birthday with him. That was the best present ever. I cannot emphasize enough how much that meant to me; flying 500 miles to celebrate my birthday with me was a big deal.

Unfortunately my birthday falls right around finals, so I had to study during his visit. While I was with my study group, he walked like 2 miles to find a bakery. He knew that I really wanted a birthday cake and to blow candles out on my birthday. He had no car, and was unfamiliar with the area but he found a bakery and bought me a birthday cake. I was so touched when he surprised me with a cake and candles at midnight on my birthday.


And being the amazing boyfriend he is, not only did he fly up to visit and get me a cake, but he also got me a present! He was very thoughtful and considerate; he even asked my sister for advice on what to get me. The first gift he gave me was a water-proof coat; this was something I absolutely needed! I was getting soaked walking in the rain (despite my umbrella).

The second present he gave me was something that I’ve always wanted, a puppy! When he would ask me what I wanted for my birthday I jokingly said I wanted a puppy.  Of course he laughed it off, even if he did get me a puppy I couldn’t have one in my dorm. I have never owned a dog and I have always wanted one, so Aaron gave me the next best thing. He gave me a stuffed animal puppy! I thought that was the sweetest most romantic gift ever. It was thoughtful and cute. I absolutely loved it! I can’t express how special I thought that was. I know a stuffed animal can be a silly gift, but the fact that he gave me something that I really wanted made it so special. It showed he was attentive to what I said and that he truly cared about making me happy.


Aaron made my 20th birthday unforgettable; he made my special day even more special. That was one of the best birthdays I have ever had thanks to him.


2 thoughts on “He Made My Birthday Wishes Come True

  1. That is sooo sweet! What an incredible boyfriend. Though I have to say my man is pretty wonderful too 🙂 I’m just so thankful to have such a thoughtful boyfriend as I’m sure you are. Clearly, he really cares about making you happy. He’s a keeper alright!

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