Bookmarking My Favorite Love Story

Back when I was writing the “We Fell In Love At the Fair” post, while I was adding the pictures to the post, I unintentionally created a fabulous bookmark. I wanted the photo strip to have a nice background so I set it against a book. After posting it, a follower posted a comment on how it was a cute idea to use photo booth strips as a bookmark. That’s when I decided to make my photo strip into a bookmark. All of this was a coincidence, but that’s how the cutest ideas happen.


Del Mar Fair 2013

For the other bookmark I used a political mailer to make it thicker. I made sure the back was white too so it wouldn’t distract from the picture. It doesn’t matter if the hard paper isn’t in the same size as your photo strip, all you have to do is cut it to the size of your photo strip.


Del Mar Fair 2014

I used a bookmark from a book store to make mine. I wanted to protect the picture from getting worn out so that’s why I added a hard back. The back of the store bookmark was blank so I put tape on the advertised front of it to tape onto my picture. I used double sided tape because it holds much better than glue. You could buy card stock paper to reinforce it but I just had the store bookmark laying around so I put it to good use.

Back of Bookmark

Back of Bookmark

 This can be a perfect little surprise for your S.O. if they are a book worm like mine.  I love that about him. He loves to read, particularly SciFi books. So now next time you cozy up to read whether it be for school or for fun, you can have a piece of your S.O. with you.


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