Loves Knows No Distance

When we first started our long-distance relationship (LDR)  I didn’t know much about what makes a relationship successful much less about long-distance ones. So I looked online for some advice and came across this site called Loving From A Distance.

It has soooo many great ideas that it can be overwhelming at times. One of the things that helped the most was the list “103 Things To Do From A Distance”. Another section I liked was the gifts section. I particularly liked the bracelets. They aren’t expensive and they ship them to two different locations for you (this makes it super convenient for LDRs). They are inscribed:

Love Knows No Distance ❤


So I got a brown one for my boyfriend and the pink (my absolute favorite color) for me. They have the option to turn the bracelets into keychains. I chose keychains because I’m not into wearing bracelets but I still wanted them. And as keychains, it’s on me everyday as oppose to the once in a while I would actually wear it if it was a bracelet. Not to mention, pink would get dirty super fast if I wore it everyday. We both have school lanyards on keychains along with the brackets. College love ❤


I think this is a cute little trinket to keep on you. This is another option for a monthaversary gift to get for your S.O. I really like the mantra of the website, love really knows no distance. It’s like a daily reminder to keep calm and love on. They don’t have pink anymore and the design (font and heart) are different. Here is a picture of better quality:

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 11.20.37 PM




2 thoughts on “Loves Knows No Distance

  1. This sounds really cute! I’m in an LDR too and we are going to try send a journal back and forth of photos and things that we will do together someday. 🙂 I hope it goes well for you!

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