The Happiest Place On Earth

Taking a road trip together and spending all day at an amusement park is a wonderful date idea. You can go just because or you can go on a special occasion like an anniversary.  You can go to Disneyland or Disney World. I know that can be pricey so you can justify the cause on a special occasion or go to a less expensive park. There are soooo many alternatives: Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm, Sea World, the Zoo, Legoland, the Wild Animal Park, Aquatica etc, basically any amusement park near you.  On trips like these you take a million pictures and make so many memories together.

The first summer Aaron and I started dating he took me to Disneyland! Cars Land had just opened up and he wanted to go check it out. I think that was the first time we had spend all day together, it was a test of our relationship. First, there was the 2 hour drive in the morning, then all day at the park, and the 2 hour drive back home.


The picture above is the very special to me. It is the first picture Aaron and I ever took together.  The line at Space Mountain was long but we had fun taking selfies. We had a really good time and we will always remember our first trip to Disneyland.


2 Years Later…

I decided to take him to Disneyland for his birthday this year since he mentioned he had been wanting to go again. I wish I could’ve surprised him the morning of but because of the distance, I had to give him a heads up so he could ask for the day off work. This is how I told him:


Luckily, his birthday falls around Spring Break so I was already home from school. But since his birthday was actually the week after my spring break, we went a few days before I left. Here are some more pictures of our 2nd Trip to Disneyland:


Cars Land

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Space Mountain

Space Mountain

I challenged him to see who could make a funnier face for the picture. As you can see, he won.  But everything about this picture is hilarious! The girls in the middle row were taking selfies and the girl in the front row is like “eh”. LOL.

Where Dreams Come True

Where Dreams Come True


I looooove this picture! Its in the exact same spot we took our first picture ever together. We aren’t the same people or the same couple that went 2 years ago. But we are happier and more in love. Hopefully there are many many more pictures in this spot ❤

Two Years Later And We Are Happy As Ever

The cutest part of this all was when I found out Aaron kept his ticket stub in his wallet. And when we went this year, he kept the new one too! Our first time he got a Buzz ticket and this time he got Woody! So cute! It was all meant to be ❤



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