You’ve Got Mail

One of the best little surprises that can make your day is seeing a letter sent from your S.O. in the mail. Letters become so special and you reread them over and over again. Well I heard that you should put them in a special place since the letters themselves are so special.  I’m all about DIY crafts now lol. If you and your partner write each other a bunch of letters, I highly suggest keeping them in a special place. Maybe you can decorate boxes for each other and exchange them for a monthaversary gift.

I bought a plain box in a store called Daiso in Berkeley because I planned on decorating it. Here is the result:


I cut out a few hearts from felt paper and hot glued them on top. I glued a huge heart above “Letters” to indicate “Love Letters” without actually writing love.  Then I lined with inside with red felt paper as well.


On the front and back I decorated it so that it looked like it was a real letter:



And on the other two sides I put pictures of us like these:


Now my boyfriend has a special place to put all the love letter I send him ❤


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