You’re My Rock

In high school, our ASB and Senior class had fundraisers at Solid Rock Gym in San Diego. It was so much fun and it was a really good workout.



Aaron and I went for our first time as a couple last summer. It’s a perfect activity for couples because you need one person to keep the other person safe on the harness. You can switch off, one turn climbing and then being the helper. He is more athletic than I am and my arms needed more recovery time so he would go twice.



It’s super affordable too: $13 per person, and $7 for shoes, chalk bag and a harness. It’s also a good workout, we were both super sweaty .  I don’t remember there being a time limit, so you really get your moneys worth.


You don’t get to talk much while you’re climbing, but you still have fun. Another reason it’s perfect for couples is because you have to work as a team and communicate. You can’t leave too much slack on the rope because that’s dangerous so you have to be attentive to their speed. You need to listen to them and make keep them safe. You’re literally putting your life in your partner’s hands.


As you can see he had a blast. Neither of us has a paralyzing fear of heights so that wasn’t an issue. It was nice to do something different and try new things together. I highly recommend this with your S.O. if you haven’t rock climbed before. You’ll make some really good memories together.














3 thoughts on “You’re My Rock

  1. Love this place!!! 🙂 & there’s no time limit! You can actually leave for a couple hours & come back without an extra charge because you’ve already signed up when you arrive.

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