Three Days of Snow


How I Met Your Mother is one of the most amazing shows ever. Once I introduced the show to my boyfriend he loved it as well.  I re-watched the whole series from episode 1 with him.  After he was all caught up, we made a deal to only watch the new episodes together. Yes it was torture not seeing new episodes the moment they came out, but it became our special ritual every time we visited each other. We would binge watch all the episodes we hadn’t seen back to back.


There is one episode in particular that inspired me. Season 4 Episode 13: Three Days of Snow (Don’t worry, I looked it up lol. I didn’t know it my heart). In this episode, Marshall talks about all the special rituals Lily and him do in their relationship and the importance of traditions in relationships. The one I though Aaron and I could do was the airport one since we are always traveling to visit each other. What Marshall and Lily do is one person wears a chauffeur hat and makes a sign to pick up the other person who brings a six-pack of beer from the place they visited.


To make this your thing and not Marshall-&-Lily’s thing you have to tailor it to your relationship. I don’t like beer, so when Aaron picks me up from the airport, he either brings me a bottle of wine or flowers. And when he visits me I buy him a six pack of his favorite beer, Heineken. It doesn’t have to happen every time you pick each other up, whatever feels natural. Sometimes it’s just nice to see the other person standing there, waiting for you.




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