Love is What Last Cookie is For

Back when we first started dating I decided I wanted to make each month-aversary special. For our 3 Month Anniversary I got him a giant cookie. It was white chocolate macadamia nut since its his favorite. I hadn’t discovered the wonderful world of Etsy yet so I just googled some places that make giant cookies. At first I just found random places all over the country, but then I finally found a place in San Diego. Uncle Biff’s was amazing because it was local so they actually delivered it to his house (didn’t have to deal with the hassle of shipping) and they had really good reviews.


Needless to say, he loved his giant cookie! I think this is a really cute and unique gift. You could always buy a dozen cookies, but a giant cookie is way cooler lol. Uncle Biff’s also included a card, on which I asked them to put this cute quote by the Cookie Monster:

Sometimes me think what is love. And then me think love is what last cookie is for. Me give up the last cookie for you. – Cookie Monster




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