Just Add a Spoonful of Love

photo 4

Butter Pecan and Coconut Pineapple. Those are our favorite ice cream flavors from Thrifty Ice Cream at Rite Aid.  It’s the best ice cream ever. So we usually just get a pint each unless the prepackaged ones are on sale then we get those. We love just hanging out watching tv and eating our favorite ice cream together. I got these cute vintage  spoons for our 18 month anniversary on Etsy of course. So now these are our go to spoons every time we eat Thrifty ice cream together.

There are a ton of other stamped spoons on Etsy: “Good Morning Handsome”, “You Are Loved”, “Cereal Killer”, “I Love You To The Moon And Back” etc. I could’ve chosen some of these but I’m happy with the choice I made.  I liked that these spoons were a pair, one for me and one for him. And the quote is kinda playful but at the same time romantic because its a his-and-hers theme.



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