Quiero Un Dulce Beso

IMG_3953 Dulce Beso, is Spanish for Sweet Kiss, is a late-harvest wine made by Ceja Vineyards in Napa Valley. It is the sweetest wine you will ever taste. It is a dessert wine, but it taste amazing on its own. Dulce Beso costs about $40 for a small bottle, but they sometimes have it on sale for $20. Either way, well worth it. We usually buy more than 1 bottle at a time. You can literally drink the whole bottle in one sitting because its so amazing. IMG_3534 Anyways, I first tried it when I went wine tasting at Ceja Vineyards with some classmates. I met the co-founder Amelia, and she is such an amazing person. I love this company because it is family-owned and their story is inspiring.  On this trip, I bought a bottle of Dulce Beso and saved it to drink with Aaron when I went to visit him. Before me, he wasn’t much of a wine person, but after he tried this wine, he loved it. Instantly, it became OUR wine. IMG_3520 The next time he and his sister came to visit me we took a trip to Napa to go wine tasting. Of course we went to Ceja Vineyards. We were afraid it was going to be pricey, but its actually super affordable. You get to sample 4 wines for $10 per person. They were super nice and the guy even let us try 2 extra wines for free. IMG_3533 Their downtown tasting room is super classy. Its small and intimate. Tip: make sure to eat BEFORE you go wine tasting. Eating cheese and crackers while wine tasting also helps you taste a lot of wine without getting super wasted. Also, drink plenty of water. Our server was super friendly and gave us solid advice:

There is no such thing as TOO much wine. If you think you’ve had ‘too much wine’ that just means need to drink more water and eat more food.



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