Bacon Roses


Need I say more? Who doesn’t love bacon?! I love bacon and so does my boyfriend. I thought about sending him flowers but I think any guy would prefer bacon flowers over regular flowers. I think I would prefer bacon flowers over regular flowers lol. Maybe in the future I’ll send regular flowers, but for now bacon flowers are the best. Trust me, if you give your SO these, they will loooove it! Show them how much you love them with bacon lol.

I made these last summer for our 11 month anniversary and I surprised him at work. He was so hungry, he ate them all before he took a picture of them! Lol lucky I snapped this picture before I took them to him.

I first heard about bacon roses from a friend, so then I looked it up online. There are different ways to make them, but I did the foil wrapped version.  Follow this simple tutorial.

Here are the things you will need:

  • packet of bacon (usually has about 12 pieces)
  • artificial flowers (make sure it has 12 flowers; you can get these at the Dollar Tree)
  • tall/skinny vase (or something tall to make sure the flowers stand up)
  • foil sheets
  • cookie baking sheet


  • A small card with the plastic thing to hold it up (you know the ones that regular flowers have when delivered)

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