Pillow Talk

Ever since I discovered Etsy, I spend all my free time I browsing it for new ideas. One of the super cute things I found on it was this amazing pillow. This is the calendar icon for the older version for Apple iPhones. I use to take a screen shot on the 17th of each month before the icon changed. Technically, the icon use to say the date of the week and not the month, but doesn’t matter because this was too cute.

You should to put a special date on it, so naturally I thought our anniversary was the best date. As you can see, our anniversary falls on August 17th; I gave him this pillow on our 17 month anniversary. Idk I thought it was cute that it was 17 months are there was a huge 17 on the pillow.


Here is my love with his new pillow.  Bonus: he will never have an excuse to forget our anniversary since its on his pillow! lol



5 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. I’m really loving your blog! Like you, I adore sending sweet surprises to my man. I spend hours on pinterest and google looking for new ideas. I think my man could use one of these pillows as I have to keep reminding him what date our 1-year anniversary is lol.

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