A Package Full of Love

What better way to let someone know you love them than by sending them a package full of their favorite snacks? A care package is a classic idea for any loved one that lives far way. You can tailor it for any occasion or just because you want to send one. I’ve seen different themes online like all one color, get-well-soon packages, and nonfood based packages. I’m planning on doing some of those later.

Here is a list of items I included:

  • favorite cereal
  • favorite chip(s)
  • favorite soda
  • favorite juice
  • favorite candy
  • favorite cookies
  • favorite misc. snacks

photo 4

I ended up putting a sticky note on all the items labeling them “Favorite ___” etc. And I included a little note (as you can see on top of the cereal box).

photo 5

If you are worried about shipping costs, I suggest USPS’ “Priority Mail Flat Rate” boxes. They charge you by box size rather than weight, they add $50 insurance, and its 2-day shipping guaranteed. They are my favorite shipping company and it’s an awesome deal.


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