Life Is A Beautiful Ride By Your Side

Last summer we decided to get bikes together. We were looking into things we could could do all summer and bikes seemed perfect. You can get a good workout or you can take a nice relaxing ride along the boardwalk.

I’m really glad we bought bikes. It’s honestly so much fun and super relaxing. I would really suggest doing so if you have the chance.

Its kinda pricey to buy bikes, but once you make that initial investment, you don’t have to pay for anything else. Since he is more sporty we decided to get mountain bikes. Plus, they are more durable and versatile than road bikes or beach cruisers.

Other items you could/should purchase:

  • camel bag (stay hydrated!)
  • helmets (if you’re gonna ride in the streets)
  • seat pad (for added comfort)
  • lights (if you plan on riding at night; glow in the dark would be a fun alternative lol)

Here are our bikes: 


There are plenty of trails around San Diego; to find a list of places in your area just Google “Bikes Trail in ______”. We have ridden our bikes at Lake Murray, Mission Trails, and all over the Mission Bay area.


Mission Trails 2013


Other Places We Would Like to Bike to:

  • My friend suggested that next time we go to Santa Monica, we take our bikes and ride along the beaches over there.
  • Lake Poway
  • Areas by SeaWorld
  • EastLake



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