College Love


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My boyfriend attends San Diego State University and I attend the University of California, Berkeley. He had been telling me that he wanted a Berkeley sweater so we decided to exchange sweaters as a month-aversary gift. He got me a SDSU sweater and I got him a Cal one. I thought this was such a cute idea. I felt it was a way to be supportive of each other. Here is the result ❤

 College Love

Since my campus’ mascot is a the golden bear, I got an idea to make a Bear Care Package. I decided to add other bear-themed items to his gift. I purchased gummy bears, teddy grahams, honey (it came in a bear shaped container) and made a bear card. I tried finding more stuff, like chocolates but had no success. I would have added a stuffed teddy bear but I had already given him one a year earlier and I doubt guys like getting a lot of stuffed animals. Here is his bear care package:


photo 4


Bear Care Package




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